The real creative economy isn't strategized or ideated in community panels. It's actualized by an unwavering commitment to the talents and values of the makers in our community.


Our Beginning

Founded by Reggie Baylor and Heidi Witz, Plaid Tuba was born of the need for Milwaukee's burgeoning creative economy. They saw Plaid Tuba as a conduit through which artists and makers of all kinds could find a means to build their brand, find their audience, and develop a sustainable base for creating future work. 


“Imagination and creativity are what matters most. The work of art is just the byproduct.”

— Reggie baylor, FOUNDER


To help artists achieve this, Plaid Tuba developed six perspectives built around a foundational idea of creativity above all else. Each of the perspectives work seamlessly with the others in pursuit of an integrated and cohesive brand—which is what an artist in today's economy is above all else. 

Our Six Perspectives →



What better place to stage a cultural revolution than Milwaukee? We have all the pieces, all that's been missing is the glue. That's what Plaid Tuba provides. Milwaukee is, in our humble opinion, the best kept secret in the country. We know it. But the very best of what Milwaukee is exists in potential—hovering just beyond the real. Our job is to seize this truth and make it a reality.


Join us?

We're seeking other creators, makers, and visionaries from all creative industries. If you are engaged in building our creative economy, we're interested in what you're doing. 

Download our Request For Creators, send it to us, and we'll be in touch.